Q&A – Recalculating DAP when changing aged care facilities

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By William Truong, Senior Technical Manager

Q: My client Betty moved into residential aged care in July 2019 and paid $100,000 towards a $400,000 refundable accommodation deposit (RAD). At the time of entry the maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR) was 5.54% and consequently she is paying a daily accommodation payment (DAP) of $1,385 per month, being the remaining unpaid RAD multiplied by the interest rate and divided by 12 months ($300,000 x 5.54% /12).

She wishes to move to a new aged care facility which has quoted a $450,000 RAD. Assuming she can only afford to pay $100,000 towards the new RAD (being the amount refunded from the old facility) how do we calculate her new daily accommodation payment (DAP)?

A: Upon leaving the facility the old facility, Betty will refund the $100,000 paid towards the original RAD. Upon signing an accommodation agreement with the new facility she will be liable for a $450,000 RAD which can be paid as a lump sum, as a DAP or a combination of the two options. Assuming Betty pays $100,000 toward the new RAD she will be liable for interest on the unpaid amount of $350,000. Fortunately for Betty, the maximum permissible interest rate has reduced since she last entered aged car from 5.54% to the current rate of 4.01%.

As a result, her DAP will be $1,169.60 per month ($350,000 x 4.01% / 12). This is a lower DAP to what she was previously paying despite being liable for a larger RAD.

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