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Downsizer contributions

By Josh Rundmann, Technical Services Manager

Q: My client is eligible for the downsizer contribution and wants to move some investments into their super. For the downsizer contribution, are they required to use the cash received from the sale of their property or can they use their investments?

A: They are not required to use the specific cash proceeds from the sale of their property to make the contribution. Clients can use other assets, including existing investments, to fund their downsizer contribution. Please note, this still triggers a capital gains tax event on transferring assets from the individual’s name to the super fund, and the requirement to provide the super fund the ‘approved form’ at, or before, the time of the contribution still needs to be met. Additionally, as the value of the assets changes over time it is best to work with your product provider to ensure the contribution does not breach the downsizer contribution cap. The downsizer contribution cap being the lesser of $300,000 and the actual proceeds of the sale.

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