Consolidate your super and save

With most Australians having four to five different jobs in a lifetime, it can mean that you have multiple accounts and might have lost sight of some of your super. It’s not uncommon.


  • The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is holding more than $13.8 billion1 in lost super waiting to be claimed.

Benefits of consolidating your super

Track down and consolidate your super accounts to:

Save money

Paying multiple sets of administration fees over the years could add up to thousands of dollars. Paying only one member fee means additional fees are not eating away at your retirement savings.

For example, if you're paying $5 per month in member fees on three different accounts you're paying at least $180 per year in member fees, instead of just $60.

Enjoy watching your super grow

It’s easier to keep track of the growth of your super savings when all your contributions go into one fund. It allows you to develop a focused and effective retirement investment strategy.

Reduce paperwork

One fund means one statement and less paperwork to manage.

Consider your insurance cover

Before consolidating your super into a particular fund, you should consider which super fund is appropriate for your circumstances. This includes evaluating the type and level of insurance cover which forms part of your super fund’s features. Depending on your age and account balance you may need to opt-in to receive Life and Total and Permanent Disablement cover. You may also have the option to be covered for Income Protection.

If you have dependants or have pre-existing health conditions, the decision to consolidate to a new fund may not be straight forward.

Before choosing a super fund and consolidating your super into a new fund, please seek financial advice to understand the terms and conditions of the fund including the insurance cover.

If you don’t have an adviser, we can put you in touch with one .

What should you do if you've lost track of your super or want to consolidate?

The easiest way to find and combine your super is by logging in to the Australian Government online service at

1. Go to

  • Log on or create an account
  • Link your myGov account to the ATO
  • Follow the prompts to bring your accounts together

2. Consent to a SuperMatch search.

3. Submit - select the accounts you would like to bring together.

If you can’t access myGov but know the details of your other super fund details, complete and return our Request to Transfer form.

Note: The ATO is now able to proactively consolidate unclaimed super to a member’s active super fund. As such, any identifiable super you may have lost will be automatically transferred to the ATO between 1 June 2021 and 31 January 2022. The ATO will actively consolidate these super monies with your active super fund.

1. Source: ATO. Lost and unclaimed super as at 30 June 2020